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Ministry of Education.
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Element 4 - Aspect 3 - Strategies

  Teacher Education – Pre-service

Element 4

Aspect 3: Teaching Practice

Strategy 1

Two thinking hats of technology education

Teachers hat 2875

With student teachers
When undertaking practical activities, students are required to reflect on their practice from the perspective as a learner and as a teacher.

The first hat is the Brown Hat (colour of technology in The New Zealand Curriculum) and facilitates student teachers' thinking about their practice as a teacher.

The second hat is the Orange Hat (orange to symbolise new horizons and learning). When reflecting in orange-hat thinking, students consider themselves as a learner. The handout sets out a number of questions to facilitate students' reflection.

Students hat 2864

Modification for use with pupils
Having used this in their own work, student teachers could be encouraged to modify this for use with their pupils. Pupils could reflect on their practice and or designs from a number of perspectives such as a client and another stakeholder (or as the designer and the client).

This will assist with brief development and outcome development and evaluation. It will also provide links to the Nature of Technology, thinking about different views and responses to technology and technology design.

Modified from de Bono's Six thinking Hats by Wendy Fox-Turnbull University of Canterbury

Strategy resources:

Strategy 2

The importance of teacher knowledge to student technological practice
Read the following paper, which investigates the context of assessment and its relationship to achievement . Then, complete and discuss the questions.

The Influences of Teacher Knowledge and Authentic Formative Assessment on Student Learning in Technology Education - Fox-Turnbull (2006)

 Key discussion questions

  • What are the key issues for technology assessment identified and discussed in this paper.
  • Discuss the following quote in terms of your professional development in technology.

"When teachers have a deeper understanding of the knowledge necessary for Technological Practice they are better equipped to direct students along a pathway to developing successful technological processes or outcomes by planning relevant activities within their units."

  • Discuss a major implication for your practice of the findings of this study in terms of in and out of context assessment tasks.
  • Rank the four constraints identified in the model of student technological in terms of significance for your practice as a teacher of technology.

Activity written by Wendy Fox-Turnbull.

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