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Pre-service technology education framework

What is the Pre-service Technology Teacher Education Resource (PTTER)?

The Pre-service Technology Teacher Education Resource (PTTER) is a framework that provides the foundational elements for pre-service technology teacher education in New Zealand.

This framework was developed, with the support of the National Technology Professional Development Manager and the New Zealand Ministry of Education, by representatives from the six New Zealand universities offering teacher education:

  • Massey University
  • University of Auckland
  • University of Canterbury
  • University of Otago
  • Victoria University
  • Waikato University. 

The intent of the PTTER is to enable all initial technology teacher education programmes in New Zealand to be underpinned by common understandings.

The PTTER framework is also for ongoing technology teacher education

Whilst the PTTER provides a shared vision of current theoretical and pedagogical practices identified important for initial technology teacher education, it is recognised that it also provides a framework applicable to ongoing technology teacher education.

The PTTER provides a focus for professional conversations between technology teacher educators about the structure and content of their programmes. It is envisaged that the PTTER will guide the ongoing development of technology teacher education programmes and thereby provide opportunity for a level of consistency across institutional programmes.

Four key elements of the PTTER framework

The PTTER framework consists of four key elements considered foundational to technology teacher education programmes.

These elements are:

  1. Philosophy of Technology
  2. Rationale for Technology
  3. Technology in the New Zealand Curriculum
  4. Teaching Technology

Each of these elements is divided into a number of focus aspects. The elements and their aspects were identified from analysis of existing teacher education programmes, contemporary research findings on teacher education and technology education, and through rigorous debate.

The PTTER is for all

The framework houses technology education materials that support the development and delivery of technology teacher programmes. These materials include references to academic papers and texts and teaching strategies that cater for early childhood, primary and secondary technology education programmes.

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