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Melie's Cakes

Amelia Ferrier is a year 12 student who has grown her love of baking into a successful business.

Duration: 02:46


Amelia Ferrier: My website is about sharing recipes with other people, because I’ve always loved baking ever since a young age. I love cakes in particular, as I love making things look pretty and decorating them and I just, I felt like I needed to share my recipes with someone because it was just only my family and friends that were really seeing them. That’s why I started up the blog was just so I was able to share my recipes and photos with more people I guess, and I really liked writing up about the recipes and like explaining them and all that sort of thing as well, so it just gave me more of an opportunity to write about my baking.

My business is baking cakes to orders and then my website is more sort of a variety of different baking, so doughnuts, and cookies, and cupcakes as well and I share the recipes for those online. Also I guess it gives people an opportunity if they want to order a cake, or they want to collaborate with me in some way they can sort of look at all the photos and see my work and see what I do.

Because I’m working in my home kitchen and not a commercial kitchen obviously I can’t, as well with school, I can’t do a lot of orders so I only tend to do about three or four a weekend.

Simon Gault offered me to come work in, work for a day, as sort of an intern sort of thing at his restaurant Euro in the patisserie part of their kitchen, which was amazing, and like there was, I learnt so much, like honestly just the amount of equipment as well and all the different procedures that I’ve just never heard of as well, so that really helped me to sort of open my eyes to it’s not just cakes.

I’d really like to continue in the food industry because it is a passion of mine, baking. So I’d definitely want to do something to do with baking, or food when I’m older. So I’ve always wanted to have my, open my own shop, open my own sort of bakery or cakery and then hopefully after that get more into the business side of things, so maybe start looking into food products that could be sold in supermarkets or food stores.

I’d dream about going to Paris to do the patisserie course at the Cordon Bleu. Or they’ve started a Cordon Bleu up again in Wellington, so I’d like to go there as well because that’s more realistic obviously, and, but yes definitely would like to go overseas and sort of travel around Europe because the patisserie and baking in particular is amazing over there.

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