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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

A year 13 student talks about her career pathways

A student shares about combining her interests in law and food technology.

Duration: 00:55


Student: I’ve long considered a pathway into food technology. It was sort of my original plan for me if you like. I was really interested in nutrition and becoming a dietician, but I’ve obviously been mixing around with just works for me.

I got a chance to go to Goodman Fielder and have a look at what they do, which got me interested in food technology, so that was quite cool. Really, I’m just playing around with a lot of it. My latest plan is actually to go and do law, potentially at Victoria, but I love the sort of food technology side of it and product development, so I’m looking at a blend of that and law. So, potentially looking at intellectual property where you sort of have to have a background in product development and design.

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