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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

Snake skate attributes

Year 10 students describe some of the attributes for the snake skates they are developing.

Duration: 01:55


Student 1: This year our project that we are doing are snake skates, and snake skates are a mix between a skateboard and a ripstick. We will be doing this for the majority of the year.

Student 2: Our snake skates going to have a theme. So we’ve already done the research about how skating has developed over the years and we are going to pick a theme, like retro, there’s the fishtail design, the longboard, and penny boards. So we can choose one of those. We had to come up with four attributes that our snake skate had to have. One of those was that it was required to carry a selection of riders, so we have measured the length and the width of different people’s feet in our class and we’ve got the average of that. And from that we know where to put the pivot points in the snake skate so it’s comfortable to ride. Another thing we had to do was go to where we live and look around what the terrain was like, whether we lived on a farm where we would require bigger wheels to get traction in the mud and the grass, or if we lived near the city where there was lots of sidewalks and tarmacs that we could use.

Student 3: And our brief required us to have an aesthetic attribute.

Student 4: To make our aesthetic attribute, we had to come up with a theme. Through the theme we would get a piece of plywood, cut it to shape, and then place a material on it that would come through on the board and give it a nice look. Then we put this resin over top to make it nice and shiny. This part of the design and build process would be our foot pads.

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