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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

Connecting with industry

Giving students opportunities to engage with industry enhances their understandings of technology and of how technologists practice.

The videos in this section demonstrate technology in action and connections schools have made with industry.


Matt Spencer of Walter Findlay outlines the quality measures taken at checkpoints during the production process.

Duration: 06:23


Fran Edwards of Cedenco Foods explains the thorough testing required to meet customer specifications.

Duration: 02:53


A year 13 class connects with a fabric printing company to outsource their printing.

Duration: 04:04


Wellington Girls' College connects with Fab Lab at Massey University.

Duration: 04:14


Cedenco Foods has to manage planting and harvesting times to ensure maximum utilisation of the factory facilities and meet customer specifications.

Duration: 04:44


Ann uses family and friends to evaluate her pies. She uses pie cutters to achieve accurate pastry size for tins.

Duration: 03:03


Noel Amor the technical manager at Cedenco Foods talks about how they ensure an efficient operation and considerations when purchasing plant.

Duration: 05:37


Minimising waste by accurate processing controls costs at the Findlay's bakery.

Duration: 00:47


Ingredients, equipment, and energy costs are considerations when calculating prices of pies.

Duration: 02:57


Cedenco Foods is audited annually for their food safety accreditation. In addition they have two voluntary certifications that have global recognition.

Duration: 04:05


Matt Spencer explains that Walter Findlay Ltd bakery is thoroughly audited, to ensure compliance to their food safety programme.

Duration: 03:13


Ann Davis talks about the process she followed with the Gisborne District Council to acquire registration for her business.

Duration: 02:59


Cedenco foods in Gisborne makes ingredients that are sold on the domestic market and also sent to Asia.

Duration: 03:28


Walter Findlay's makes bread that is distributed within Gisborne and up the east coast.

Duration: 01:05


Ann Davis makes pies and Christmas cakes in a cottage on the farm in Gisborne.

Duration: 03:43

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