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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

Evidencing student learning in technology

Judy Delbridge broadens thinking around data collection, allowing her students to produce creative results.

Duration: 02:00


Judy Delbridge: Currently we collect evidence in a number of different ways. I allow the students to record in any way that they wish. So, many will use a portfolio or a visual diary. We use personal websites, blogs, particularly at year seven – we brought those in last year and so all students blogged, which was great. Tumblr, Google Docs is really, really good, particularly for our seniors. It means that their work is always accessible, it’s always there and sharing feedback and so on from my perspective is really good and it’s really, really easy.

The girls share a lot of their work in sort of activities when they’ve been working collaboratively. They use their phones to take down any collaborative work they’ve done on the whiteboard or if they’ve been doing group work, just quickly take a photo, snapshot it, put it into a website.

We use video. They create their own YouTube clips. So all sorts of different ways, but at this stage I allow the girls to do it in a way they feel most comfortable. But what we are doing at the moment as a team, is working on digital google sites and creating websites which we are trialling with our year nines next year right across the board. So that’s going to be fun because you can of course embed video and all sorts of things in to that, and the girls have been trialling it with one class this year. It’s been our sort of our professional development this term, and they’re loving it, embracing it, absolutely fantastic.

I think that if you really broaden your thinking and the way that you allow the students to collect their evidence you get far more creativity. I think that the students just embrace and they get seriously creative.

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