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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

Element 1 Aspect 3: Manifestation of Technology

Teacher Education – Pre-service

Element 1

Aspect 3: Manifestation of Technology
Describes how and why people's values and experiences influence how they interact with and develop technology.

Aspect Purpose
To support student teachers' recognition that people interact with, and develop technologies in response to their values and experiences.


Article Review

"Technology practice: a structure for developing technology capability and knowledge in schools"

Gawith John A. (2000) Technology practice: a structure for developing technology capability and knowledge in schools, Loughborough, England IDATER2000 https://dspace.lboro.ac.uk/dspace/bitstream/2134/1361/3/Gawith00.pdf

This article is written in the New Zealand context with research undertaken by academic technologists at Massey University. It identifies a model of technology practice that is simple in structure and suitable for use in schools. The paper draws on Technology in the New Zealand Curriculum (MOE 1995). The paper identifies and communicates basis elements and knowledge structures involved in technology practice.

The model helps student teachers to identify key elements of technology practice and identify that technology is considerably more than just artefacts. An activity to consolidate these understandings includes showing students a video of authentic technology practice and asking them to represent the technologist's practice within the framework of the model.

Keywords: Technology Practice, model of technology practice

Reviewed by Wendy Fox-Turnbull

Magazine Article

"Good Eggs, Bad Eggs"

Golden, F. (January 11, 1999) Good Eggs, Bad Eggs. Time, 32-35. http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,989984,00.html

This article looks at the implications of detecting genetic disorders before birth. It discusses the moral dilemma of what happens when pre birth testing tells us things that we do not want to know.

Keywords: genetic testing, genetic disorders, moral dilemma.

Reviewed by Cliff Harwood.

Magazine article

"Designer Babies"

Lemonick, M.D. (1999, January 11). Designer Babies. Time. 38-41. http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,989987,00.html

A 1999, futuristic look at genetic testing techniques available to new parents. It raises questions around what is ethically sound in the field of gene therapy. Should we really interfere with nature?

Keywords: ethics, baby, future, gene therapy.

Reviewed by Angela Miller.

Journal Article

"DEPTH - Developing Professional Thinking for Technology Teachers: An International Study"

Banks, F., Jarvinen, E-M., O'Sullivan, G., Owen-Jackson, G., Rutland, M. (2004). Depth - Developing Professional Thinking for Technology Teachers: An International Study. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 14, 141-157, 2004. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Netherlands.

Review Statement
This paper reports on an international study to identify and reflect on student teachers' own professional knowledge through the use of a "teacher knowledge graphical framework tool". The paper introduces the framework, and considers its impact on teacher trainees in terms of its ability to support their self- awareness and ability for them to be critically reflective of their knowledge levels and understandings.

Keywords: pedagogy, teacher knowledge, personal constructs.

Reviewed by Bruce Granshaw

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