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Vocation stories – Frozens quality assurance team leader, Cedenco Foods

Jane McBreen has found a job that grows her interest in science.

Duration: 01:11


Jane McBreen: When I was 7th form at Gisborne Girls High School I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I did enjoy the science subjects, so I wanted to continue a career down that line.

I ended up speaking to a food technologist, who told me about what she’d done and sounded like she had a variety of different jobs throughout her time and it sounded really interesting and a lot of science involved. So, I decided to pursue food tech at Massey University.

So I’ve recently just got a job at Cedenco as a quality assurance team leader. So that involves monitoring the quality in the frozen department, which does squash puree and squash pieces, checking over paperwork and managing staff, and investigating customer complaints, and helping improve processes.

I do think I made the right decision, lots of places to go in the food industry and lots of variety, so that’s always good. As a year 13 student I would go out and talk to people in jobs that you’d think you’d be interested in and talk to them, see what they do, and what pathways you can go down.

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