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About The Ip Project

A team from Victoria University of Wellington comprising Susan Corbett, Louise Starkey, and Ann Bondy undertook a project to develop intellectual property and technology education support material. This study was made possible under the Growth and Innovation Framework (GIF) – Technology Education Initiative.

The project aimed to provide teachers and students with information about intellectual property rights relevant to the Technology curriculum. The goals were to make sure students:

  • understand and respect others' intellectual property
  • know how to protect their own ideas
  • are aware of how to legitimately make use of others' intellectual property.

The project evaluated the effectiveness of the materials by assessing the awareness of IP concepts of Technology teachers and students after 12 months' use of the new resources (working with one school to enable it to be completed within the project timeframe).

About the team

Susan Corbett

Project leader Susan Corbett is a senior lecturer in Commercial Law in the School of Accounting and Commercial Law in the Faculty of Commerce. She teaches, researches, and has published extensively in the area of intellectual property law.

Her current areas of interest include the interface between copyright and digital culture, educating the community about intellectual property rights, and information technology law.

Before gaining her legal qualifications, she taught secondary school science and mathematics.

She won the 1997 Loman Friedlander Prize, awarded by the New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys, for her paper “Copyright Law and Distance education in New Zealand: An Uneasy Partnership”. Susan is also a member of the advisory group for the Ministry of Education's proposed copyright website.

Louise Starkey

Louise Starkey is a lecturer in Social Sciences in the Faculty of Education. She is an experienced secondary classroom teacher and senior manager with extensive experience in resource development in all curriculum areas. She worked for some time at the Correspondence School.

Louise has particular expertise in e-learning and digital resource development. Louise currently teaches in primary and secondary pre-service teacher education programmes particularly in relation to the Social Studies curriculum. In addition, she teaches a course that focuses on using information technologies to engage today's learners. Louise holds a MEd (Hons) from Massey University. Her research interests include teaching and assessment in the information age.

Ann Bondy

Ann Bondy is a senior lecturer and curriculum leader in Technology education. She is currently completing her Ed D in Technology education. She has been a classroom teacher and currently teaches pedagogical papers in the primary and secondary pre-service teacher education programmes on the Technology Curriculum.

Her involvement at both local and national levels in TENZ (Technology Education New Zealand) gives her an extended network of current Technology teachers and those involved nationally in Technology education. She, too, has considerable experience developing materials and classroom resources to support and foster learning and assessment in Technology education.

Developed for the Technology Online site from a study by Susan Corbett, Louise Starkey and Ann Bondy, Victoria University of Wellington.

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