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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

"Defending the Dark", Connected, Level 4 – Seeing Beyond, November 2019

14 November 2019

Front page of article with the night sky

This article introduces the science of astronomy while explaining the issue of light pollution and technologies available to reduce it. It raises awareness of why this issue is so important for humans and our fellow creatures.

You can find the article and the teaching notes here:

"Defending the Dark", Connected, Level 4 – Seeing Beyond, November 2019

Other useful resources

Discussion questions

These could be class discussions with teacher guidance.

  • How have the changes to lighting, introduced to reduce light pollution, affected peoples sensory perception? What are the short and long term impacts of these changes?
  • What are some of the solutions that technologists have developed to reduce light pollution?
  • What information from other disciplines have the technologists used to develop solutions to light pollution?
  • What is the creative and critical thinking that technologists have used to create solutions to light pollution?

Indicators of progression for discussion starters

Component Indicator Level
Characteristics of technology
  • identify examples where technology has changed people’s sensory perception and/or physical abilities and discuss the potential short and long term impacts of these
  • identify examples of creative and critical thinking in technological practice
  • identify and categorise knowledge and skills from technology and other disciplines that have informed decisions in technological development and manufacture.

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