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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

Will my design for a mirror work?

Year 8 students talk about the functional modelling of their designs for mirrors and how they are fulfilling the brief.

Duration: 04:06


Student 1: Yeah well, the teacher gave us a brief saying that we had to make a mirror for our stakeholder, and it had to be made out of three specific materials, such as the mirror, and the cut out piece of plastic, and the nut and bolt, that it had to be specific to what your stakeholder wanted.

Student 2: Sasha’s my stakeholder and this is a model for my mirror and she does ice skating. And I asked her what’s her favourite colour and she said blue, so I did blue around the ice skate. And she wanted her name somewhere on the mirror, so I decided to do it on the base. And she quite liked the idea of flowers, so I’m going to etch some flowers in, and I’m going to change the bit to leave cardboard here and etch flowers into it. I’m going to make the mirror out of wood, but the model is out of cardboard and thick card. And the hinge here, it moves because she might want to see, have a look at herself, in different angles.

Student 1: I changed it, my brief, to suit my sister, Olivia. And so it had to be for her and it had to be for her bedroom, and it had to have the colours of orange and purple in it, and it had to fit to her bedroom.

Student 3: Well, my stakeholder was for my Dad and he likes soccer and the colour red, so there’s little soccer balls around here, and I decided to put that in front of the pivot stand.

Student 4: Well, my stakeholder is my sister Misha, and she saw this mirror that had a cracked style around the outside and she liked that so I thought I’d do a kind of style like that. So I’m going to make it look fake cracked – so it’s not actually going to be cracked, but it’s going to look cracked. And this is, it moves so, like you can have it like that. But I was experimenting and I found my base is a bit small so it can’t hold it, so if you put it that way it just sits up so she can use that, and in my real, my real thing, I’m going to make a bigger stand so that it can stand up. And these dots, they are going to pop up so, and they are going, so yeah.

I made a model first because we need to experiment and try out new things. And I found out that my base is too small, so I need to make it bigger for my mirror to stand up, and we made another little paper one to see how it moves.

Student 3: So, we use Inkscape, a software thing, and you design a page that you want to be etched or cut out on the computer and it sends it to a laser cutter and it cuts it out. And I designed some letters and also some soccer balls. I’m going to use the soccer balls so that will be the mirror and this will go around it.

Student 4: Well, we have Inkscape which is an app downloaded off the Internet, which helps us, and it helps you. So you get 10 x 10 piece of Perspex and then you can create, you can make all sorts of things, and then you can etch, which helps, which just makes it kind of a rough sort of texture, and you can cut out, which you can stick things onto your mirror.

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