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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta

Planning for a coherent programme in primary

Science and technology teacher Shannon Maloney shares how she works collaboratively with teachers to integrate technology into their programmes.

Duration: 02:11


In my role my title is Science and Technology Teacher for the junior school, and I'm new to that role this year.

And the junior school at Diocesan runs an inquiry-based programme. And I would come in and work collaboratively with the classroom teachers to plan and carry out specific lessons throughout the inquiry. And more often than not we would team teach together.

Right well, we're still in the developing stages of thinking how we're connecting our achievement objectives from the technology curriculum into our units of work. We will be doing a scope and sequence plan which will look at our themes for our inquiries based on the primary years programme and then seeing how we can relate and connect the achievement objectives from the curriculum to that so that we've got a good connection and it fits well within our inquiry and has a good flow really.

I'm developing my own knowledge of the technology curriculum by working collaboratively with teachers. As I said earlier, I'm new to the role so it works well to go in and discuss and plan collaboratively and see what's worked well for teachers in the past.

I've been using Technology Online as a good starting point. I particularly like the section on the units of work and the planning. It gives me a good starting point to look at what other schools have done for their units of work and see the sequence of lessons that they've done, and to go in to be able to discuss that with our classroom teachers.

For other teachers thinking of how they are going to integrate their technology and improve students technological literacy, I think you've just got to think you've got to begin somewhere – and working collaboratively together and seeing what has worked and what doesn't, just try, really, try things and come back and evaluate and see what your next steps are based on that.       

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