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Year 12 student outcome: Carved wooden headboard

This resource gives an example of a stellar student outcome, key aspects of the project, and assessment opportunities.

Emma's outcome | Modelling and resourcing | Assessment opportunities

Emma's outcome

In year 12 students find their own issue from a given context for their technology projects.

My client has a boring blank white wall above her bed and would like something appealing to cover the space. I decided to create a headboard that is carved wood and incorporates an item of hers.

Emma Thorburn

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Modelling and resourcing

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  • Emma made the bedhead from yakka, donated by a neighbour, and the leaves from copper that had been treated with lemon, salt, sea water, and vinegar to achieve verdigris (a green pigment on copper).
  • She tested the designs using drawing, CAD, and made a miniature model of the bedhead.
  • Finishes were trialled on samples of the wood.
  • The mentor for the school whakairo course coached Emma in carving.
  • The headboard was carved, sanded, and then six coats of polish were applied. The bedhead was polished using a mix of polyurethane, Briwax, and turpentine. 
  • Emma attached the headboard to the legs using screws and aliphatic glue. She attached it to the bed using the adjustable bolts supplied with the bed.
  • The 5000 likes on the school’s Facebook page gave valuable feedback on the quality of the outcome.

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