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Technology Unit Planning: Is Bling still in? Planning Unit: Overview



Bling 10

Tauraroa Area School Technology
Year 10 Pewter casting

Cast an item of adornment from pewter e.g. key ring, pendant, brooch, etc.

The theme running across all of the school's technology units is that students will: experience a wide range of materials, use mock-ups and models, and develop high quality outcomes. I got the idea for this context from Martin Basset (Kamo High school). I was looking for a unit to teach using the new strands and provide something that would suit a wide range of students as we have core classes doing technology. We don't have metal facilities at the school and this could bring a new material into the subject.

Bling 4

I was keen to explore areas and starting points that weren't just a repeat of Technological Practice. I particularly wanted to explore the principles of design and the value of design as an 'experience' i.e. open their eyes to how 'cool' design can be. So while this unit focuses on students undertaking their own Technological Practice to make an outcome, I had a strong additional focus on the new strands. I found this very liberating and I was able to justify exploration into new areas that just a practice focus wouldn't allow. I even felt they didn't have to bring all of the concepts covered back into their practice to justify the work we did. I felt I was building a base of expertise for the student, but one firmly imbedded in technology not just based on my hunch as to what they might need.

Bling 1

I therefore chose all three strands to be the basis for my unit design, although Brief Development and Planning for Practice achievement objectives from level 3 provided the basis for the unit learning outcomes and assessment of student progression. Aiming at around level 3 was based on my previous experience that most of these students are working between levels 2 and 4.

The most important additional component was Characteristics of Technology, so I developed focussing questions as my assessment strategy for this. Other focussing questions are included, but I focussed on CoT.


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