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A year of integrating technology in primary – toys, straws, and birdfeeders

Student's toy plane

This resource describes how a primary teacher integrated the technology learning area throughout a year’s programme.

It provides examples of interesting ways to integrate learning about components in the technology learning area with learning in other areas.

You could explore these examples with your colleagues or on your own to develop ideas for teaching strategies.

Year planning

Columba College junior school follows a three-year technology implementation plan. Experience suggests that in years 0–6, the eight components could be covered in two three-year programmes (years 1–3 and 4–6).

Each year, after the topics (themes/contexts/projects) for the year are determined, the teachers identify those that will support the technology focus component in the three-year plan. 

They also include in the year plan smaller, one-off learning experiences linked to the technology learning area. Like any any other literacy, technological literacy is developed by a wide range of relevant experiences over time. (See So you’re teaching technology.)

The key competencies and values are embedded within relevant contexts.

The year’s technology programme as a poster

Year's technology poster

Dorothy Hutton, a year 6 classroom teacher, creates a classroom wall poster display for technology as the programme builds throughout the year. This poster is focused on the topics covered and their connections to the specific strands and components in technology.

The materials placed on the poster are colour coded and indicate which of the three strands they belong to – technological knowledge (red), nature of technology (blue), or technological practice (green).

Classroom learning activities, images, and samples of the students' work are all added to the poster throughout the year. This display helps to remind both the teacher and the students about prior learning, the focus of their current unit/project, and what the technology learning area is generally about.

Teachers' resources

Dorothy set up a folder for teachers. They use this as a reference and contribute to it throughout the year. This folder is useful to show to  teachers less familiar with the learning area. It also gives teachers ideas on the type of work that they could do with students when exploring a particular curriculum component.

The folder contains:

  • Teacher resources from Technology Online
  • The school's technology overview
  • Progression diagrams
  • Indicators of progression at each level for each component
  • Planning material and examples of student work

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