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Idealog magazine and website

Resource review


Idealog magazine articles include news, interviews, follow-ups of previously featured items, a business guru answers questions, people products and ideas, innovation and innovators in business and a regular Showcase section that focuses on particular areas.

Curriculum/Qualifications links

Links can be made to all three strands of Technology in The New Zealand Curriculum (2007), particularly Nature of Technology and most aspects of Knowledge.


Each magazine has articles in the following sections [examples in square brackets are from the 128-page Sep/Oct 2010 Issue 29]:

  • Interact – one-page bites of news, interviews, follow-ups of previously featured items, and a business guru answers questions
  • Now – people products and ideas

     [eg, Water ways – Digital Water's innovations in water ecology; Fighting fit – coloured martial arts wear from two Kiwi entrepreneurs; Paint the town – marketing paint parties through Facebook; Barnesian logic – the genesis of MyTours, an audio tours iPhone app; An angel at our table – a US angel investor reflects on investing downunder].

  • Features – more in-depth items on innovation and innovators in business

     [eg, The big deal – The Hyperfactory founders talk about entrepreneurship; Green among the vines – Waipara Valley winemakers reclaim native vegetation; Pop of the tops – an Aucklander's t-shirt designs are a runaway hit in the US; Out of our minds – a look at the psychology of branding and marketing].

  • Workshop – one-page items on reviews, art, advertising, marketing, urban planning, music and metrics (statistics).
  • GearIdealog's picks of the latest "design-led delights".

The magazine also has a regular Showcase section that focuses on particular areas [eg, Focus on Media].

Issue 29 also featured Going Global: The Idealog Guide to Exporting Your Ideas, a 40-page section on a wide range of things to know when exporting.

Ease of use

Idealog articles are up-to-the-minute, are typically short and pithy, and designed to give a "quick-fix" on the innovation/person/issue in question. The visual presentation is highly attractive.


The Idealog media family – magazine, web, and TV site – is an excellent resource. Articles are relevant to intelligent engaged students, particularly at the year 11–13 level, and all those interested in innovation and creative response to need.

The quality of the writing, focus, and presentation is reflected in the fact that Idealog has been voted Business Magazine of the Year in every single year of its publication to date and has gained a number of other awards in its short life.


The magazine is readily available in magazine stores throughout New Zealand at $9.90 or by subscription at a 20–30% discount. Accessibility is greatly enhanced by the publishing of a web version of the magazine.

Idealog on the web

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