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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore to tātou waka e ū ki uta

Implementing the technology learning area

Oamaru Intermediate School technology teachers (art, digital, materials, and processed outcomes) were enthusiastic about the changes they made to their programme.

Together with TIC Technology Deidre Senior, they worked with National Technology Professional Development Facilitator Cheryl Pym to develop their understanding of the technology learning area.

A key factor in their progress was the commitment to work as a team rather than in isolated subject areas. They all agreed this led to better teaching and improved student uptake of the school's local curriculum.

Chosen teacher guidance and indicators for achievement objectives at curriculum levels 3 – 4

Planning for practice

  • Ensure there is a brief against which planning to develop an outcome can occur
  • Indicator: students can review progress according to the current plan, and revise planning as appropriate to ensure completion of outcome

Brief development

  • Support students to understand the physical and functional nature required of their outcome, and how the key attributes relate to this
  • Indicator: establish the key attributes for an outcome informed by stakeholder considerations

Outcome development and evaluation

  • Provide opportunities to develop drawing and modelling skills to communicate and explore design ideas. Emphasis should be on progressing 2D and 3D drawing skills and increasing the range and complexity of functional modelling
  • Indicator: students can undertake functional modelling to develop design ideas into a conceptual design that addresses the key attributes

See the achievement objectives in level 3 and the achievement objectives in level 4 on The New Zealand Curriculum Online.

See indicators of progression for more teacher guidance and indicators.

Developing an alternative multi-materials programme

The technology team at Oamaru Intermediate School (OIS) is responsible for delivering technology and art to the intermediate's 295 students and 220 students from 12 client schools. As the client schools are small, they are combined into three technology groups (consisting respectively of two, three, and seven schools). Most of the intermediate and client school students will move on to Waitaki Girls' High School, Waitaki Boys' High School, or St Kevin's College for their secondary schooling.

See the following pages for how the multi-materials programme was implemented:


Implementing the technology learning area

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