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Welding Could Revolutionise The Future Of Making Clothes – And Do Away With Stitches Forever

14 October 2014

Sewing machine needle and hand feeding fabric through

Researchers are developing a more efficient way to manufacture clothes using a new process called “fabric welding”.

The material is welded together using heat and pressure. The system is being trialed on navy clothing. Trials are being carried out to test whether the new construction system is as durable as traditional sewing.

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Discussion starters

  • Technological products: Use this and other examples to describe the properties of materials used in particular products that can be measured objectively and that can be measured subjectively. (level 4)
  • Technological modelling: Use this and other examples to describe examples to illustrate how prototypes were tested to evaluate a technological outcome’s fitness
for purpose. (level 4)


Image courtesy of PANPOTE/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Keywords: welding, clothes, navy, technological products, technological modelling

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