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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore to tātou waka e ū ki uta

The face mask All Blacks use to banish jet lag

14 October 2016

Inside an airplane

The mask claims to "trap and recycle your own moisture in your breath, ensuring that the air you breathe remains moist, thus preventing the dehydration that contributes to your jet lag and in-flight infections."

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For more information on the Humidiflyer, see the website: Humidiflyer.

Indicators of progression for discussion starters:

Component  Indicator Level
Characteristics of technological outcomes Use this and other examples  to identify a technological product and describe relationships between the physical and functional attributes 2
Characteristics of technology Use this and other examples to describe examples to illustrate when technology has had a positive impact on society and/or the environment 2

Image courtesy of nitinut/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Keywords: all blacks, health, construction and mechanical, characteristics of technology, characterisitcs of technological outcomes

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