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Porky Hefer's Cozy Human Nests Hang From the Treetops!

09 November 2014

Bird nests hanging from trees

Cape Town, South Africa-based Porky Hefer has created an incredible series of cozy nests for humans that can be perched high up in the trees! 

The amazing woven nests are handmade from natural materials and are inspired examples of biomimicry that emulate the building techniques of weaver birds. 

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See the technique a weaver bird uses to make its nest:

Discussion starters

  • Characteristics of technological outcomes: Use this and other examples to identify technological outcomes in a group of technological and non-technological objects and systems. (level 1)
  • Technological products: Use this and other examples to identify materials that technological products are made from. (level 1)

Image courtesy of Stoonn/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Keywords: nests, weaver bird, materials, characteristics of technology, technological products, biomimicry

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