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Indy Johar founder of HUB Westminster on co-working places

22 January 2014

A black line drawing of a table and chair

As the nature of work changes, Indy Johar has been instrumental in designing relevant and appropriate office space.

Johar predicts large companies breaking down into separate but interwoven branches for their physical infrastructure, investment, and learning platforms. As a result, the office is moving away from divided departments and cubicles and towards what he describes as a “fluid mix” wherein executives, startups, suppliers, and talent makers are all part of a larger ecosystem. 

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Discussion starters

  • Brief development: Use this and other examples to communicate specifications that allow an outcome to be evaluated as fit for purpose and justify the specifications in terms of key and wider stakeholder considerations. (level 6)
  • Characteristics of technology: Use this and other examples to explain how different disciplines have impacted on technological practice. (level 6)

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.net  

Keywords: hub, working spaces, architecture, brief development, characteristics of technology

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