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1942 ‘Time Capsule’ Apartment Discovered In Paris

28 January 2014

A drawing of a 1940s woman sitting on a chair

Discovered in 2010, the apartment on the Right Bank had been unoccupied since 1942. The owner of the apartment was Madame de Florian – a socialite and an actress who fled to the South of France during the Second World War, leaving everything behind. She never came back to Paris but kept on paying her rent until the day she died aged 91. 

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Discussion starters

  • Characteristics of technological outcomes: Use this and other examples to discuss the interactions between technological outcomes, people, and social and physical environments within particular socio-technological environments. (level 6)
  • Technological products: Use this and other examples to describe the properties of materials used in particular products that can be measured objectively and describe the properties of materials used in particular products that can be measured subjectively. (level 3)

Image from http://www.antiqueimages.blogspot.com

Keywords: apartment, time capsule, technological products, characteristics of technological outcomes

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