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Section 4: Responsibilities of students

A student looking upwards thoughtfully

4.1 Students

Planning for and undertaking safe practices are a central part of technology education.

Throughout all your technology education, a very important part of planning, designing, and creating technological products and systems is to:

  • identify any hazards or safety risks
  • assess them for their level of possible harm
  • eliminate the hazard or risk if possible – if not, then minimise it.

Hazards may relate to materials, equipment, the way a product or model works, or your actions when undertaking technological activities.

Using a safety form, which your teacher will provide (an example is shown below), during the planning stages of a technological activity will help you to reduce potential hazards. It will also assist you to decide on the best course of action to eliminate, isolate, or minimise hazards. Your teacher will assist and support you to make sure your technological practice is safe for you and others. 

  Activity Risk Assessment Action
1. Drilling a Ø16 mm hole in 6 mm thick steel on a drill press Having the steel spin around the drill Could occur if I try to hold the steel with my hand when drilling the hole Clamp the steel firmly to the table of the drill press
2. Removing food from a hot oven Getting burnt if I am not wearing dry protective gloves Will occur if I don’t wear protective gloves Wear protective gloves
Add to the table by identifying hazardous activities, stating the risks and the actions that are needed to minimise or remove the hazard.

As a student, you need to tell teachers if you have allergies to any substances (such as latex, nuts, gluten, or lactose) and make it clear in your safety plan the steps that have to be taken if you come into contact with any of these substances. Your teacher should also include this information in the technology activity safety plan.

If you are injured during a technology class, you must report it to your teacher, who will record it in the school injury/incident register.

This register will provide:

  • information to help prevent injuries
  • information to help fulfil the school’s reporting requirements
  • information for ACC claims.

Information recorded in the register will include:

  • date and time of the injury/incident
  • name of the individual
  • type of injury
  • part of body affected
  • treatment provided. 

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