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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore to tātou waka e ū ki uta

Paper Making: Overview



Integrated Unit Plan



Years: 6/7 (NC Level 3)


Outcome 14 th

Columba College has received 'Enviroschool' status. This means that the school is showing concern for the environment in the way that it runs. For example, located around the school are blue bins for the disposal of paper. These are collected each week by the Environment Committee, and all the paper is put in a big bin for collection by Envirowaste. Instead of going into a landfill, it is bundled up by and Otago Paper Recyclers and shipped overseas for recycling into various other paper products such as corrugate for cardboard, and 'new' paper made from 60% recycled materials.


But… can we do anything here at school with the paper we collect?

CLASS DESCRIPTION/Students' Past Experiences


Unknown at this stage – this section will be completed when the actual class to be taught is known and the unit will be refined accordingly to build of students past experiences (prior understandings/competencies)





Using language symbols and text – specific to curriculum areas, literacy, numeracy


Managing self – appropriate time management, use of materials and equipment to ensure the completion of a creative and quality outcomes


Relating to others – group/ shared tasks, particularly in practical activities


Thinking – specific to curriculum area i.e. technological process


Participating and contributing – constructive contribution to class and activities




Students will be encouraged to value


Excellence – through scaffolded sequential tasks, hands-on experience, and opportunities to practice skills and demonstrate understanding of technological and art-making processes, plus experience with high-quality exemplars


Innovation, inquiry and curiosity – through experimentation, learning experiences based around an 'every-day' technological product, and through variety in creative outcomes


Diversity – through looking at papers as creative expressions of different cultures – Japanese, Māori, Pacific Island 'Tapa' cloth, paper industries in NZ, and individual interpretations of the project theme(s)


Equity – through equal access to equipment, materials and resources


Community and participation – through sharing responsibility for management of equipment, materials and resources in the classroom context


Ecological sustainability – through using recycled materials, and examining the wider context of consumption and recycling


Integrity – through classroom conduct and commitment to the production of high quality technological products, artworks and artefacts.

LEGEND Areas by colour
Technology Art
English Science

Component/s of Technology underpinning unit


Planning for Practice


Brief Development

Outcome Development and Evaluation

Technological Modelling

Technological Products

Technological Systems

Context-specific skills/knowledge

Technology: pulp preparation and paper-making, planning and brief development, awareness of technological process


(Refer to MOE Revised Health & Safety Guidelines)

Component/s of Visual Art underpinning unit


Understanding the Arts in Context


Developing Practical Knowledge


Developing Ideas


Communicating and Interpreting


Visual Art: drawing (media and processes), printing, colour,



Component/s of English underpinning unit


Writing and Presenting, processes and strategies


Writing and Presenting purpose and audience


Writing and Presenting Ideas

English – writing clear instructions, layout, verbs, language features  

Component/s of Science underpinning unit


Investigating in Science

Science: examining prior knowledge, investigating through inquiry and experimentation  
TERMINOLOGY embedded within component focus TERMINOLOGY of specific skills/knowledge RESOURCES REQUIRED
deckle, frame, pulp, concentrate, drying rack,  

Recycled papers: office, card, coloured, newspaper, magazines


Other ingredients: vegetation, string, sparkles etc


Moulds and deckles, blender, water, jaycloths, c-clamps and drawing boards, hairdryer, pegs


aprons, newspaper.

colour wheel, frottage, collage,   newsprint, ohp (acetate), paint, dyes, printing inks, brushes and rollers, glue etc.
verbs, layout, compose, sequence, order   School journals
strength, absorbency, texture, rigidity, softness, recycling, physical change, functional change, starch, fibres, investigating   Variety of papers, including remade, magnifying glass, torch, eye-droppers, dye


Download this Integrated Unit Plan
(Word file, 179kb)

Download this Integrated Unit Plan
(PDF file, 83kb)

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