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Tech Ideas NZ website

Resource review


The Tech Ideas NZ website was created by Bill Collis from Mount Roskill Grammar School as a resource for students studying electronics from Year 10 and upwards and teachers interested in implementing their own Electronics programs.

Curriculum/Qualifications links

The website is an invaluable tool for students studying electronics at senior level and for teachers looking to establish an Electronics program at their school.


The website has four main sections.

  • An Introduction to Practical Electronics, Microcontrollers and Software Design – A downloadable PDF textbook (800 pages and counting!) that gives a comprehensive guide to students studying electronics from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Link to 2012 teaching programs – Mount Roskill Grammar School's Electronics program. Complete with Achievement Standards, handouts, external resources, diagrams and activities all laid out in a logical and easy to understand progression. An incredible resource for teachers and students.
  • Downloads – Useful programs for electronics students.
  • Links – Useful external links for electronics students.

Ease of use

Though a huge resource, the website is well laid out and simple to use for anyone with an interest in electronics at senior level.


Ross Petersen is the manager of the ETITO in Schools and Bright Sparks programs who regularly promotes the Tech ideas website.

"The best website around for teachers looking to do Electronics as part of Digital Technologies. Great resources, templates, worksheets, videos, tips and activities for Year 10- 13. Capping this off is the most comprehensive textbook you will ever see that takes you from elementary to a high level of expertise in modern Electronics. A huge commitment to the Technology community from a dedicated and expert practitioner."


The website and all of its downloadable content is freely available.

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