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Ministry of Education.
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Experimental Cuisine Collective

Resource review


The Experimental Cuisine Collective includes scientists, chefs, writers, performance artists, and food enthusiasts. Its stated aim is "to develop a broad-based and rigorous academic approach that employs techniques and approaches from both the humanities and sciences to examine the properties, boundaries, and conventions of food".

Curriculum/Qualifications links

This site would be useful for Science and Technology teachers – Food Technology teachers in particular would find it helpful in discussing the Technological Knowledge and Nature of Technology strands in The Technology Curriculum (2007) with their students.


Content on the site includes:

  • Latest News
  • In the Media – articles such as Time magazine's Kitchen Chemistry
  • Resources – Books and articles
  • Articles & Videos –links to relevant information on other websites:
    • Curious Cook – tests, for example, whether cold or hot brewed iced coffee/tea gives a better flavour
    • Future Food – Planet Green videos (1-4 minutes); for example, making apple pie from apple peel/cores
    • Khymos – discusses molecular gastronomy
    • Modernist Cuisine – about the six-volume cookbook
    • Kitchen Alchemy, from Popular Science, has articles such as:
      • The Anatomy of a Marshmallow
      • Making Vinegar at Home
      • Cooking green vegetables sous vide
      • How to Make Quick Pickles
      • Chocolate Chip Science
      • Blowing up Cheese with Nitrous Oxide
      • Pectin: Not Just for Jelly
      • Cooking under Pressure
    • Polyscience – video on the Sous Vide Professional cooking system
  • Chefs and Restaurants
  • Food Culture Resources – New York University Food Studies Department
  • Science Resources
  • Organisations
  • Techniques
  • ECC Founders

Ease of use

The site is reasonably straightforward to use although some section titles are a little obscure, and because much of the content comes from other websites there isn't a standard format for finding information.


Although, with its focus on scientists and chefs, the US-based Experimental Cuisine Collective doesn't specifically mention food technologists, the content of the site links directly with Food Technology in our schools. Teachers of senior students could direct them to articles which show the science behind some of the foods we make, techniques such as freeze-drying food or thawing frozen meat quickly, and explanations for the processes used in the recipes, such as how lining a marshmallow mould with cornflour helps it set quickly, makes it easier to handle, and increases its shelf life.

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