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Ministry of Education.
Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore to tātou waka e ū ki uta

Resource Reviews

This section lists a variety of resources that are readily accessible for teacher use.

If you have come across another resource or resources that you would like to see on this list, please email details to the Technology Online team at technology@tki.org.nz.

  • MOTAT: The Museum of Transport and Technology

    • MOTAT is an interactive museum built on a site that once pumped water drawn from Western Springs Lake to early Auckland homes and businesses.
    • The museum offers a wide range of innovative and fun learning experiences across all curriculum areas.
    • The Museum has over 300,000 items in its collections - ranging from fire engines to World War II planes, from steam trains to a fully functioning tram line.
    • MOTAT's restored Pumphouse, Beam Engine, and Engineers' Cottage won a prestigious Award of Merit from UNESCO in 2009.
    • Many of the staff at MOTAT are volunteers with expertise in specialised areas.
    • For research purposes, MOTAT also has the Walsh Memorial Library – a reference library open to the public.
    • EnrichED is the quarterly e-newsletter produced by the museum to inform teachers and educators about MOTAT's education programmes and resources.
  • Discovery Channel Documentaries

    The Discovery Channel produces a range of Technology and Science documentaries which in New Zealand are shown on Sky (pay-television). They are also available in DVD format, and a small number of short video clips can be viewed online for free.

  • Eco Colour: Botanical dyes for beautiful textiles book

    This book provides information on using plant and natural dyes for dyeing and printing textiles.

  • MUFTi Kit 901 Using pectin

    MUFTi kit 901 is the first of a new series of Food Technology experiment kits produced by Massey University.

  • The Connected series

    Connected promotes scientific, technological, and mathematical literacy so that students can engage in a critical and informed manner with real-life science- and technology-related issues. The articles provide opportunities for authentic, context-based mathematical explorations.

  • Website: Technology NZ

    This wiki, run in conjunction with the Team Solutions website, was established by National Facilitator NCEA Technology Lesley Pearce to support Technology and Graphics teachers. It provides links, resources and practical information on junior and senior programmes, NCEA and effective pedagogy and leadership in Technology.

  • Technologystudent.com website

    This UK website is aimed at teachers and students of "Design Technology". Resources include information for students (such as properties of materials, electronic symbols, and different types of forces), templates, and printable exercises.

  • Cradle To Cradle Remaking The Way We Make Things

    In their book, Cradle to Cradle, Michael Braungart and William McDonough discuss the impact of industrialisation on the planet, why initiatives such as recycling aren't necessarily as good as they sound and suggest how to put eco-effectiveness in design and manufacturing into practice.

  • EPIC website

    EPIC (Electronic Purchasing in Collaboration) is a New Zealand Libraries' initiative that provides access to a collection of electronic resources. The databases are available to libraries, schools, and tertiary institutions, with each collection varied somewhat to suit its audience. The Ministry of Education funds access to EPIC for all New Zealand schools.

  • Digital Technologies: Computer Science Concepts

    This is a web-based evolving guide to resources focussed on the concepts of algorithms and programming languages for Computer Science and Software Engineering.

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